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RANDOM THOUGHTS: Santa Claus Featured

The cyber currency slide is so bad I tried to give the Salvation Army bitcoin donations and they were rejected.

… Two self-driving cars got into a road rage incident last week in Manhattan as they fought over an empty parking spot on fifth avenue. Meanwhile, the auto-driven autos stacked up near New York City’s Port Authority terminal when the heavy pedestrian traffic meant the vehicles couldn’t find an opening acceptable to their safety algorithms for going through cross walk. … Sadly, Santa Claus, hampered by supply chain disruptions, elves with positive COVID tests and some quarantine requirements in a number of nations, has announced he will replace toy gifts with store coupons and gift cards. Actually, a large percent of children are likely to demand he continue that practice. … A guy at the bar asked if I had used the new deodorant for soldiers. “For soldiers?” “Well, it said it was for private parts.”  ... A local TV station is running a public service announcement about global warming, urging viewers to adopt polar bear club. I tried it but the blopdy thing ripped upf my house. … On QAnon TV today 1 pm ““Dead People Likely to Reappear” feature an interview, hopefully with John F. Kennedy Sr. and Jr.

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