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Zoho has introduced its new Business Intelligence Platform. The software company this week said the offering is an offering as an end-to-end self-service BI Platform.

Zoho described it as bringing “together pre-built, visual dashboards, comprehensive data integrations, data preparation, augmented and embedded BI, security and privacy capabilities, flexible deployment models (cloud or on-premise), and scalability.” The platform has four primary element, including a new application, Zoho DataPrep, an AI and machine learning-driven self-service data preparation tool. There is also Data Stories, an integrated enterprise portal builder (ZohoSites) and presentation software (Zoho Show) with embedded live reports and dashboards. Augmented Analytics - Ask Zia, conversational AI, enables business users utilize natural language querying. Zia also provides textual narration of key insights from reports and dashboards. Finally, a Zoho Marketplace, an apps marketplace with the company enabling partners to develop and publish analytical apps and integrations to complement Zoho Analytics.

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